18th Birthday Ideas Liverpool

Organising a birthday party can be a nightmare at the best of times, but when it comes to an 18th birthday, you want to be sure that whatever you’re going to do, is going to turn out great. Need inspiration for some “18th birthday ideas Liverpool?” we’ve got you covered.

The right of passage into adulthood is upon you and your organisers, so having a fun filled day is of course, on the cards. So what better way to celebrate your 18th than in a city such as Liverpool. A city that literally has everything that you can throw at it, and more. From football to some of the best night spots the country has to offer and the best thing about it, it’s also a friendly city.

Going to Liverpool for an 18th is then, a wise decision. But what can you do in the city for a whole day or weekend treat? Here are some top tips and birthday ideas to celebrate your 18th birthday from the city on the Mersey.


18th Birthday Ideas Liverpool

1. Go To The Philharmonic (Pub)

The Philharmonic pub is arguably one of the city’s most popular landmarks and there are lots of good reasons why, but let us start by saying… have you ever been interested in a toilet before? Weird question, we know, and because it’s an 18th birthday party, probably something you’re not that interested in but, one look and you’ll realise just how amazing a toilet can look.

Enough toilet talk and let’s get to the nitty gritty of this, whether you go for your first (legal) drink here, or top off the celebrations with a visit to this public house, just know that you have a world class venue that is a perfect to-do list item for an 18th birthday.

2. Go Watch The Reds

If your birthday falls in the football season and you happen to be a Liverpool fan, or a football fan in general, there are few places like the Kopp to spend your day. Sing with the crowds – even if a tear comes to your eye and yes it is that emotional – hear about past glories in the terraces and even enjoy a pre-game pie across from the ground at Homebaked.

Homebaked has some of the best pies in the country and it’s also a community project which means that you get some of the most incredibly friendly people serving you as well. Go for the Dalglish to get a proper scouse filled pied before the reds kick off!

3. Do Something Physically & Mentally Challenging

That’s what the Mersey Games is all about. Never heard of us well, now you kind of have. Take the Crystal Maze style of mental challenge, add in a splash of 90s hit show Gladiators and a dash of Takeshi’s Castle and you might have something that resembles what you have on offer here at the Mersey Games.

Take a bunch of friends and family and get ready to laugh at yourselves and your cohorts competing in a series of games that require all of your skill, cunning wit, strength and bags of humility to endure the fun filled onslaught from the day. Get ready to engage your brain and your muscles to win at some of the most hilarious games you can find anywhere.

So what kind of games are available at the Mersey Games? Glad you asked. Have you ever heard of Welly Wangin’? Bevvy bungee? The Derby? These are just some of the fun filled activities you can play at the Mersey Games and yes, they are as random as they sound, but totally worth it!

Our staff take you through every game and make sure that your experience of the day is going to be filled with fun and laughter. So yeah, you could spend it all day between coffee shops and late night partying or you could do this, and still go on to late night parties afterwards.

4. Go For A Top Quality Meal

If there was one thing that Liverpool suffered with for many years it was the lack of a good food scene. It was all in London and then Manchester and it even went to Leeds before finding some top quality spots in the city.

There is so much to choose from you would start to get lost if you thought about it for too long. You could go for the Michelin contenders that include places like the Art School, Roski and Six By Nico; each with their own take on fine dining and experimental cuisine.

You could take a more traditional bistro approach and find comfort in places like Wreckfish, Bistro Franc, The London Carriage Works, Panoramic 34, Villa Romana or Oktopus restaurant. You could head to Bold Street for something altogether different as well such as the small plate restaurant, Maray or how about Indian street food? There’s Mowgli for that.

There is lots to choose from and you would be hard pressed to find a better bite to eat in any other city across the country.

5. Do A Beatles Tour

Let’s get the elephant out of the room shall we and let’s talk about the Beatles. Yes, they are what put this city on the map back in the 1960s and one walk around the streets and you’ll quickly understand why. From the buskers to the amazing street artists from LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) you know music is in the soul of this city.

It wasn’t just The Beatles that came from here, Jerry & The Pacemakers, Cilla Black and many many others over the years.

But for an 18th birthday party what you want to do is experience the hazy days of the Fab Four and see where they played and why the city embraces them so much. There are Beatles Tours that you can go on but if you wanted to make it your own there are some other things you can do. Start at The Cavern (unfortunately not the original one) where Paul, Ringo and George played in the 80s and 90s for surprise gigs and get a feel for the old venue with lots of pictures, memorabilia and artists performing loved tracks.

There is the Beatles Story at the Albert Docks where you can go through old recordings, read sheet music and watch show reels as well as experience the euphoria they got with interactive screenings.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could then visit where the boys got together as childhood friends and played venues in the Allerton area. You can even visit Paul’s home which has now been turned into a protected monument.

6. Head To The Museum

OK, an 18th birthday party at a museum isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but surprisingly, Liverpool has a many great museum by the very original name, Museum of Liverpool.

Set in what is one of the most incredible looking buildings on the waterfront, the Museum of Liverpool may, as we have already said, not be the highest on your list but it has everything you could want to learn about Liverpool and the history that has made it one of the most interesting cities in the country. Be filled with tunes from the city, historic photography of the Titanic and Victorian house builds that will blow your mind!

Admission is free, you’re near the city centre which means that if you wanted to leave and find yourself a coffee place or even, a pub – totally legal now – you can.

7. Go Grab Something Sweet

It’s your 18th Birthday, you probably don’t want cake in the traditional way… a Harry Caterpillar is now beyond you but, you do still want to enjoy something that is baked, done with care and attention and tastes absolutely epic.

Well, why not visit the women of The Wild Loaf. You have arguably some of the best bakes in the country with food critics from across the country visiting and tasting what they have to offer. Specialists in sourdough creations, you can grab not only a sourdough loaf but some of the tastiest cakes and desserts that are available anywhere in the country.

They have made a name for themselves in creating ridiculously sublime donuts with flavour combinations that are mind melting as well as crafting light, buttery and crispy croissants and perfecting scandi bakes as well. They also do a mean coffee, so sit out in the herb garden that faces the shop and treat yourself to a birthday surprise from these lovely people!

8. Head To The Baltic

What if there was a place where you could, get something to eat, grab a drink, listen to great music and have fun with your friends and possibly make new ones because you’re in one massive dining/fun party area. What would you say to that?

The answer should be, yes, I want to go there. Well, there is such a place and it’s called, The Baltic Market. In the afternoon and evening this turns into one of the most exciting places in Liverpool and it’s easy to see why. You have some of the best street food assembled in one location, you have a bar and staff that gives you the authentic feeling of having to queue like anywhere else but just done with more… fun about it and, you have live music from a range of bands that really know how to get a party started.

Depending on when your birthday lands, you could have your choice of special celebrations all of which the Baltic Market throws as part of their ongoing eclectic mix. Take for example Oktoberfest which, as you can imagine is a delight for everyone let alone an 18th birthday. What about Champions league nights? Well, if Liverpool is playing, get ready for some truly brilliant atmosphere. How about the Christmas period? Yep, lots of live music, carols, festive food and lots of partying to be had.

9. Party Into The Evening

We’ve all been 18 once and we know that aside from having fun in the day – which you can in this city and definitely at The Mersey Games, you also want to go out and see what the nightlife has to offer.

Luckily, Liverpool has lots to do and yes, you can enjoy a safe evening in the city as well. So, what are the options to party into the night?


There is a big pub culture in the city centre that can’t be dismissed so easily and we reckon it’s one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends. From traditional fayre such as the Monro and the Roscoe Head to something more modern like, the Pen Factory which also doubles up as a great place to grab a bite to eat. If you wanted a slightly larger venue that also did DJ sets and good cask ales to suit the older audience then The Shipping Forecast is your place to visit.


There are so many bars to choose from in Liverpool that making a list would also be silly. We love the Merchant bar which, aside from having a great outdoor terrace behind the bar has a scintillating playlist and DJ at the weekends, a wide range of gin choices and a adjacent pizza slice place. Go for the “Francesco Totti”, you won’t be disappointed.

Across the street from the Merchant there is a Liverpool institution called, Santa Chupitos. Grab an expertly made drink here and enjoy the early 90s R&B mixed with some special requests!

Night Venue

Again, there is lots to choose from but if you wanted the unique Liverpool experience go to Alma De Cuba. It has all the vibes you could want for your 18th celebrations as well as having a chilled atmosphere.


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So there you have it with so much to choose from, deciding where to spend your 18th birthday in Liverpool is going to be a hard decision but we say, go have fun, drink responsibly and spend time with your family and friends to really make it a fantastic day you’ll never forget! But we like to think it’s worth it and you really should celebrate in the best way possible. We really do hope that our suggestions for “18th birthday ideas Liverpool” has helped you along the way but please don’t forget about us here at Mersey Games! We’d love to help you celebrate your big day and show you how to have a great time with your family and friends.