40th Birthday Celebrations Liverpool

So, it’s that special someone’s birthday, the big 40. Maybe it’s even yours, and you find yourself in Liverpool. Home of the Beatles, the Liver Buildings, the Liver Bird, two football teams and even a tour bus called, Sgt Pepper.

There is so much to see and do in this great city, but moreover, if you’re looking to celebrate your 40th birthday, then it IS the city you want to do it in. From fun and games at Mersey Games to going on some historic and cultural sightseeing jaunt then this is the place for you. Looking for some of the 40th birthday celebrations Liverpool has to offer? Read on.

40th Birthday Celebrations Liverpool

Liverpool for a 40th birthday has everything, fun, games, food and drink. Still not sure you want to come here for a good old knees up? Then check out our list of great things to do for your 40th birthday in Liverpool.

The Beatles Story

How can you go to Liverpool and not check up on the four famous, and favourite sons of the city? Sure, it’s your 40th birthday, but the Beatles are after all, the Beatles. You will have heard their music from school plays when you were a nipper to even more recent John Lewis adverts… oh and the fact that they still remain one of the biggest selling bands of all time is also a good start.

Get your birthday celebrations off to a proper Liverpool start by visiting the museum that has been put together to celebrate them, and the swinging 60s. It’s more than just the Beatles though, the attraction is about Matthew Street, the Cavern and the Casbah. Be prepared to journey into a time before you were born to see what Liverpool looked and felt like post-war.

Take a ferry… across the Mersey

Gerry & The Pacemakers have a lot to answer for, but for your Liverpool 40th birthday celebrations, taking a ferry across the Mersey is good enough to sing about, then it’s good enough to do… and it’s probably best done before any serious partying gets started. This hop-on, hop-off celebration along the Mersey gets you some spectacular views of the city which is worth the cost of the ticket at least.

You can splash out for a combination ticket which takes you to other greate Liverpool attractions, such as the interactive Spaceport piece and the U-Boat Story, where you get to look around a genuine German submarine. A 40th birthday filled with history? That’s always an option!

Go to Anfield or Goodison


Got a football fan/fans in your pack? You’re in Merseyside for your 40th birthday, it’s game day and you’re still not sure what you want to do? Welcome to one of the major homes of football in all of Europe, Liverpool.

There are two colours in Liverpool, red and blue. Anfield, the home of major European winners, Liverpool, Goodison the home of the ever faithful Evertonian crowd. Enemies on sight… on derby day. For the rest of the year, the city is abuzz on game day, so imagine sharing your birthday with either one of these playing at home that day?

Get into the spirit of things with the football songs, the chants from the crowds and the halftime pies, which are brilliant at either ground. If you want to recreate your own red and blue derby, then you want to check out Mersey Games… next.

Head to Mersey Games

Never heard of Mersey Games? What have you been looking at on the internet to miss a hilarious, fun filled day in Merseyside. Think, Jeux Sans Frontiers, but in English, and with you as the main star of the show.

Be prepared to don costumes, get dizzy, and fall about in complete laughter, and even laugh at yourselves. This is where skill, cunning wit, strength and bags of humility all come into action for a day of partying and fun! It’s like the Krypton Factor meets an outdoor Crystal Maze where you have to engage your brain and your muscles to win at some of the most hilarious games you can find anywhere.

From Welly Wangin’ to the Bevvy bungee, the instructors take you round on the day to make sure that you have a seriously fun time. There are so many games to choose from, and the best thing about it is, you get to celebrate your 40th in a completely different way.

(We’ve even have a game called, the Derby. You put on a sumo costume and face off your friend/wife/husband/partner/mortal enemy in a game of sheer hilarity.)

Visit the Royal Albert Dock

Your 40th birthday celebration in Liverpool can’t be done without visiting the Royal Albert Dock! Not only is this where Richard and Judy presented This Morning for years – and you should know, you’re old enough to remember that but… it’s also changed a lot over recent years.

There is the maritime museum which is great for those who want to look at boats and models of boats… you get the picture. Then there is the TATE Liverpool, which, for any art fans, is a must. Get all cultured up with some truly wonderful exhibits that you don’t have to go all the way to the Big Smoke for.

banner image of a group of hens on an inflatable game in liverpool for a hen party

The Royal Albert Dock also has an array of bars, restaurants and is centrally located so you are never far from the city centre to carry on with the 40th birthday celebrations after taking a cultural detour!

Sefton Park

Based on the outskirts and to the south of Liverpool is Sefton Park. For those of you who don’t know what Sefton Park is, think of it like the Clapham Common of the north but way better! It’s a Liverpool institution and one where a birthday celebration can be spent with friends and family if you so wish.

But, here’s the thing with Sefton Park, it has over 250 acres of green fields to explore, so if you were looking to do a picnic, you can; if you wanted to have a bike ride, you can; if you wanted to go on a day when they hold an open music/food/culture festival you can. That’s what makes Sefton Park so much fun and interesting for anyone who goes, it’s about having a good time, in lots of different guises.

Also, in the centre of Sefton Park is the Victorian Palm House – Liverpool’s own botanical garden. Get lost in all the amazing caves, waterfalls and exotic plants. It’s like you’re in a completely different country in there!

Visit Penny Lane & where the Beatles grew up

Not far from Sefton Park is Penny Lane.

If you don’t have the Beatles song ringing in your ear at this point, go to Spotify and play it. You will have an ear-worm that lasts the rest of the day. No, you can thank us later for that piece of advice. Whilst Penny Lane may not have the same small town feel that it did at the height of the Beatles, the whole area around Penny Lane is where the Beatles grew up.

Strawberry Fields are a stone’s throw away and the area as a whole is now a thriving urban location filled with snazzy bars, restaurants, local butchers and greengrocers and yes, even your standard speciality coffee houses. Allerton is full of stunning places for a 40th birthday celebration and because it’s on the outskirts, you get to see a real side to Liverpool that you sometimes don’t get when you’re in the centre. This is where the Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers and the Zombies played some of their first gigs, as well as the Stones when they visited the city back in the early 60s.

If it was good enough for the Fab Four to grow up and make their music round here, then it’s good enough to come and have a good old knees up.

Museum of Liverpool

Back to the centre of Liverpool and we have, near the Royal Albert Dock and a stone’s throw from all the shopping, the Museum of Liverpool.

Whilst it may not be the first place you would think to spend your 40th, or even on your list of places to spend a 40th birthday, the Museum of Liverpool has everything you need to learn about the city and do it in one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture that the city has.

Be greeted with easily recognisable tunes from the city’s favourite children to a history of what made the city such a buzzing community back to Victorian days. There are lots of things to see and do here, and in other museums across the whole city and admission is free!

Grab a bite on Bold Street

No trip to Liverpool should go without a planned excursion to the magnificence of Bold Street, and we should say from the get-go, Bold Street is arguably the gateway to your 40th birthday celebrations in this buzzing city.

There are so many things to do down this one street, you may not leave it… so it’s probably best you tackle it after having had some sort of physical and mental excursion at the Games – for example – beforehand.

Liverpool’s bold street has everything. The speciality coffee house – Bold Street Coffee – the small plates restaurant fodder of Maray and KO Grill. You have Crust, for your American Pizza cravings, there is the amazing Indian street food from Mowgli and, the ever charming and ethereal Italian Fish Club serving fresh and delicious pasta dishes, in two different locations on the same street.

Fancy a proper Marrakesh kebab and Lebanese cuisine, then visit Bakchich. Want something with a more modern favourite and twist? Head to Bundobust and so on. There is so much to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Visit the Cavern

If you haven’t been to the Cavern, then on your 40th birthday, you should really treat yourself with a visit. During the day, the performances are mainly free, so you can listen to some brilliant musicians giving us their version of the Merseybeat favourites, whilst at night, you can book your spot for a gig of all sorts of proportions.

Some of the world’s best musicians come to play here, and whilst it isn’t the original Cavern club, it’s somewhere to visit for a good old sing song and a bit of music history with original signed gear from the Fab Four and many others as well.

Visit the Phil… the pub

Want to see the best toilets in Liverpool? What a weird question but stay with us here because the Phil, which faces the Philharmonic theatre is arguably one of the best pubs in the country, there is very little that compares to how breathtaking this venue is.

For your 40th birthday, you need to visit this institution of Liverpool and see the amazing toilets. We’re going on about it but seriously, they are spectacular.

Nothing in this building has changed from the early 18th century apart from obvious furniture and carpets, but it really is something to behold, and a great place to kick off your 40th birthday festivities.

Grab a drink in one of the many many pubs

If there is one thing that Liverpool is not short of it’s this, there are lots of great places to go and grab a drink in this amazing city, and for a 40th birthday celebration, that’s probably what is on the cards, even after a busy day of sightseeing or playing games at Mersey Games… just a suggestion.

So where are the best places to go for a drink in this maritime port city? Here are just some suggestions

Roscoe Head

Want the quintessential British pub – and they don’t come any better than the Roscoe Head. Flouting the demise of the traditional boozer this Liverpool institution has been in every edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (45 and counting…) and it’s easy to see why. Excellent real ales, cosy, hospitable and offering decent pub grub – it’s somewhere you’ll pop into for an afternoon pint and leave at closing with a couple of new mates.

Pen Factory 

Looking for something that is a little bit different? Want a place where there is great food, great drinks and an even greater atmosphere? Welcome to the Pen Factory. The old underground bunker has a roaring fire and all of the other things mentioned above. There is an unpretentious, convivial vibe to the place, so grab a bottle of red, hunker down and soak it all in, what a place to have a good old knees up for your 40th birthday celebrations!

The Monro

The Monro is Liverpool’s original gastropub (we need more, can someone please open more). It’s the former home of wealthy Liverpool merchant John Bolton, and a splendid place, the kind of gaff you’d take the in-laws for a classy Sunday lunch – or your 40th birthday in Liverpool city centre!

The Merchant 

Opened just a few years ago, The Merchant mixes two things with a panache that few can ever muster, gin bar with on site American pizzeria. Tuck into a brilliant pizza whilst also sampling one of the many, many gins or even craft beers that they bring in and make it even more worth your while, come here to boogie! The outdoor area is contained and filled with music whilst indoors is all about the DJ set for special evenings. Imagine partying away to all of the above on your 40th birthday!