Birthday Ideas in Liverpool for Adults

Liverpool is an awesome city. We’ve got everything for a perfect birthday celebration whether you are celebrating with all your mates or having a good time with family. Here are some of our top birthday ideas in Liverpool for adults.

1. Neck to Neck Battles in Mersey Games

Naturally, we think the best way to let off some steam is fighting your friends out until one of you wins and claims the iron throne. Oops, wrong blog. Sorry, still mad about the finale.

The Games

Birthday ideas in Liverpool for adults

No, seriously, Mersey Games is a combination of post boxercise endorphins and a little bit of a cut and thrust alternating with good-natured banter. There’s no way better to spend a birthday.

We offer nine games from which you can choose. But do you choose the game or does the game choose you?

All our games require wit, strength and humility. Because, to be completely honest, you *will* have to laugh at yourself falling over and over again. Not to mention, well, the best part of it all, laughing at others!

In our Bevvy Bungee run, you’ll have to be quick and strong. In The Last La Standing, you’ll need to stay focused and attentive. In Welly Wangin’, you’ll find out who of your friends are risk-takers and who would chicken out.

In our treasure hunts, you get to be Benjamin Franklin Gates, decode hints and clues, gather items and beat your friends to the National Treasure.

Birthday Packages

We offer special packages for birthdays, including food and drinks, a special dress for the birthday boys/ girls and a free photographer on site.

There’re really no zero days at Mersey’s, especially not on your birthday. The number 1 outdoor activity in Liverpool isn’t just a phrase to us, but a commitment to make every day a fun new challenge, in which everyone is a winner.

Now, childish motivational speech aside, there’s really one winner, you know that. Our winner or winning team takes home a special prize. There’s an iron throne, after all.

2. Down Culture Lane

This is for all my fellow socialites. Liverpool is a very cultural city, catering to every taste. Whether you’re into the renaissance, archaic, or modern arts, you’re in luck. Liverpool has it all.

You can take your friend to some contemporary performances at The Unity Theatre or a classic musical at The Empire. You get to see some of the best shows in the UK, with exquisite acting and intricately planned stage designs.

If you’re more into modern cinematography, Independent Liverpool and Albert Dock have organised just the thing for you, a floating cinema on the dock. You get to sit waterfront with a serene landscape and delicious food, watching your favourite movies.

Last but foremost, you know you were waiting for this, music! Liverpool is the birthplace of rock. Well, of The Beatles, but it’s practically the same thing.

The Beatles is regarded as the most influential band of all time. Live concerts featuring their music are everywhere around the city. You can easily find one and have a rocking night out.

3. Go See the Reds

Well, the Reds need no introduction. You can’t be in the city and not watch a game for the Champions of Europe. It’s simply exhilarating to be there in the heat of the match and the cheers of the fans.

If you’re lucky enough, you get to see the players going into the locker room and if you’re really lucky and have been blessed by the birthday gods, Mo Salah can even give you his T-shirt.

Anfield itself is often called a fortress, and rightly so. It is, however, worth visiting even if you have no interest in football. It’s one of the largest stadiums in England and has been around since the 1800s. We personally think it’s a work of art.

4. Hop on (and off) a Mersey Ferry Ride

mersey ferries Liverpool

“So ferry ‘cross the Mersey

’cause this land’s the place I love

and here I’ll stay”

Gerry & The Peacemakers got this one right. The ferry ride across the Mersey offers spectacular views of the city and the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

It’s also a great start for the day for the undecided birthday boy/girl as you can hop off in any place you like and take it from there. It’s definitely not to be missed.

As the saying goes, San Francisco has its cable cars, New York has its yellow cabs, and Liverpool has its world-famous Mersey Ferries.

5. Whoop it Up

All celebration is created equal, but some forms are more equal than others. By that, I mean, of course, partying!

Liverpool’s nightlife is alive and well. There’s everything you’re looking for, and more. There are concept bars and warehouses turned clubs. There’s a thriving diverse scene as well as comedy standups.

There are pubs for pre-drinking (even ones with dogs!) and spas for the next day’s hangover. Find more about the best spots in the city.

To Sum Up

It’s certainly a tough decision to take your friend or yourself out for a birthday celebration. Think of all the ways it could go wrong. But then again, think of all the ways it could go right!

Liverpool is a city that can and will help you with that. It has something for everyone and while it’s not an easy choice, a day is a long time. You can always mix and match.

You can spend the day at Mersey Games then go to the theatre, the movies or partying at night. You can go to a museum or the ferry ride in the morning and catch a quick game at Mersey’s in the afternoon.

However, one thing is certain. Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be one of the most memorable days of your life.  Whether it’s your 18th21st or even 40th birthday we’ve got something for everyone!