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We love making stag and hen parties ones to remember and we love chatting and writing about it too! Here's our list of posts that we've put together for your amusement. We hope you like them and find them useful!

The Best (and Worst) Stag Do Pranks (Infographic)

By Mersey Games | June 7, 2018

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19 Party Rules to Live By (As Told By The Movies)

By Mersey Games | June 7, 2018

Who said you couldn’t learn a lesson or two from the movies, right? We’ve put together 19 party rules you should live by – from movies like 21 Jump Street all the way through to Weekend at Bernie’s. What’s your favourite movie party quote to live by? Don’t forget to share this with your party-loving…

The Best Man Tips For Writing Your Best Man Speech

By Mersey Games | June 5, 2018

Congratulations on being selected as best man for your mates wedding! After organising one hell of a stag do – the next part is sending your lad away into marital paradise. There’s no better feeling than one of your friends or relatives allocating this sought-after role at a wedding to you, however being the right-hand…