Fun Things To Do In Liverpool For Adults

Looking for a list of fun things to do in Liverpool for adults? Liverpool is popular globally for its music, culture, fashion sense and even when you live in the city it is hard to exhaust the amount of things to do when you think about the amount of history and culture we have. We are a city with one of Britain’s biggest industrial heritages thanks to our historic ports and a hub of culture and diversity with people from all over the world passing through and settling down within its boundaries.

Of course, if you are visiting Liverpool for the first time then we at Mersey Games are very into the idea that you take some of your time to check us out while you are here. We host Hen and Stag parties, birthdays and all sorts of fun occasions where we promise the highest standard of entertainment. You and your guests will definitely get the best treatment and leave with a whole lot of fun memories from your time with us. Below are our top picks of fun activities to engage in as an adult in Liverpool.

Albert Docks

Things to do in Liverpool for adults

This is one of the many reminders of Liverpool’s industrial past and consists of docks and warehouses by the shoreline. It has been in existence since 1846 with a pioneering use of brick and iron instead of wood making it non-combustible. It is a heritage site attracting than 4 million tourists each year and is a wonderful location in regards to food and entertainment.

You can’t really miss the Albert Docks if you are in the city centre, just head toward the waterfront. The official postcode for satnav users is 3-4 The Colonnades, Liverpool L3 4AA

There is an official website at: https://albertdock.com/

Wheel of Liverpool

Things to do in Liverpool for adults - the big wheel

Do you want to see the city from up high while having the thrill of spinning on a Ferris wheel? The Wheel of Liverpool gives enchanting views from 42 secure capsules. You can gaze upon the historic waterfront which is the River Mersey or across the city skyline, experience breath taking beautiful panoramic views like you’ve never seen them before . The interior of each capsule feels luxurious with leather-lined seats and windows on all sides which is great for a romantic experience or even just chill time with a friend, a clear day can accord you views of the lovely Welsh mountains too.

You can book tickets for the Wheel of Liverpool here:


Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool

Ranking as one of the most famous art galleries in England, it is the home to the National Collection of Modern Art since the 80s and is a favourite of art lovers or anyone with good taste. It is one of the attractions at the Albert Dock but deserves a special mention seeing as an ever-growing number of visitors come to view the pieces of homegrown and international artists each year. Groundbreakers like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso have their works on display there. Tate Liverpool is an opportunity to nurture your refined side.

See the official website here:



World Museum

World Museum Liverpool

The World Museum spots natural science, space, historical culture and other kinds of exhibits and has been running since the 19th century with multiple renovations and additions to its collections since then. Liverpool has other museum’s too include the Liverpool museum which is dedicated to the cities history.

Due to its increasing number of yearly visitors, it has included interesting attractions like an Aquarium and a live bughouse. A planetarium that allows you a journey into space without the rigors of becoming an astronaut puts on shows for people that marvel at the vastness of the universe. It really is a choice location for a day where you want to chill and revel in the beauty of existence.



Live Music

Live Music Liverpool

The Beatles are the iconic group that has solidified Liverpool’s place in the music Hall of fame and till today new music talents bud out each day. Live music is something to definitely check out while in the city, especially during the evenings. You might be fortunate enough to catch the next big thing on their rise to stardom. Eden Rooftop at Shankly Hotel is one of the freshest and most fun locations to get the experience. The Jacaranda & Phase One is a core part of Liverpool’s music scene and was the first club to have the Beatles perform in 1960.

There are many live music venues in Liverpool that you can visit including the Echo Arena which lays host to some of the biggest names on the planet.

Here is a link for all of the events that will be happening in the near future for music in Liverpool, don’t forget to check out both the large and small venues!


FACT Picturehouse

If you want to experience an impressive cinema with all the technical acumen in place. Films are more than just that when you sit within an amphitheatre setting. The sound is in THX format for a lifelike experience that makes you feel like you are a part of the movie.

Films are screen in 700 and 35mm digital projection and there is an option of screening your own videos. Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to have 10 percent off food and drinks and there’s even a program that lets you get free tickets.

Address: 88 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ


Ghetto Golf

ghetto golf liverpool

Ghetto Golf is a good place for Stag or Hen nights and a great addition to your time with us here at Mersey Games. It is based in old Cains brewery off Upper Parliament St. and has quirky décor, street food, and cocktails, a wonderful spot for a night out with the guys or girls. The location is targeted at adults, so you can be sure that you won’t have to censor your time on its wacky courses.

Address: Cains Brewery, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ


Mersey Ferry

Mersey Ferry

You could pick between a standard cruise if you want a hop-on-hop-off or a combination ticket that allows you access to other fun spots in Liverpool like the Spaceport and U-boat story for exploring an authentic German submarine from the World War. 2018 saw one of the ferries getting a dazzling paint job to mar 100 years since the signing of the First World War’s Armistice.

Made famous in the song “Ferry across the Mersey”, a trip on the ferry is just something that you’ve got to try at least once in your life in the very least to say that you’ve done it!

RIBA North

It is a gleaming building complex nestled on Liverpool’s waterfront and is an architecture centre. It features the best of Britain’s designs through exhibition series, city tours and talks to inform you and your friends about top-notch craftsmanship and architecture.

The building is angular, sticking out from Canning Dock and an amazing contrast from the 20th-century style of Three Graces – the Liver, port of Liverpool and Cunard that are positioned next to its avant-garde design. As if you need more reason than its recent win of ‘Best Newcomer to the Visitor Economy’

Address: 21 Mann Island, Liverpool L3 1BP


Spare Rib Burlesque & Cabaret Show

Spare Rib Burlesque & Cabaret Show

It was created to present beautiful women with talent in burlesque and cabaret to give audiences an extravagant night of merrymaking while at the same time keeping some away for charitable causes.

These days the performers are from all styles including drag, magic, comedy and what have you. It does not matter if you are new to cabaret or a regular goer, you really should check out what it offers because they add excellent cost value to the package.

Genting Casino

you want you are interested in is a high stakes night then Genting casino should be at the top of your things-to-do list. It is an extravagant design casino that still maintains a comfortable atmosphere and tries to meet any requirements you might have in mind.

Variety is not something Genting casino lacks when it comes to gaming options. Games include Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. You do not need to go through the hassle of registration to gain access to the casino even though there are premium offers for members.

For people who are not interested in playing games, Fahrenheit Bar is a good entertainment substitute on the premises with different kinds of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for sale. There are also live sports for viewing within the casino.


Go Karting In Liverpool For Stag Parties

Go-karting to give yourself a truly exhilarating experience seeing how fast you can zoom up on those tracks. It would be even more fun if you are with your friends so you could engage your competitive side. The track is specially designed with diluting topography for maximum enjoyment. It is 850 meters long and located indoors, making it accessible all year round.

The facilities are world-class with several racing events to pick and choose from like 50-lap races, open timed-races, and group karting. Group karting comes in different versions including mini grand Prix, eliminator events, etc. There is really something in store for all kinds of people.

Bongo’s Bingo

One of the several downsides of bingo today is that is considered a pastime reserved for senior citizens in crusty bingo halls and this notion has definitely contributed to the fall of this game’s popularity. This is why Jonny Bongo decided to change the narrative by hosting nights of crazy fun at Bongo’s Bingo. If you care about Bingo or you just want to check how quirky this can be, do yourself a favour and visit Bongo’s pub.

There are typical bingo rounds that are interrupted with catwalks, rave intervals, and dance-offs. Jugs of beer are there for musky swigs and 90s music blare during the crazy intermissions. The peak event each night usually takes the form of a 15-minute rave with a celebrity guest carrying the show. Lights go out at this point and glowsticks to come on ending in a blast of confetti. Winners get prizes ranging from stuffed animals, holidays in the Caribbean to a Porsche. Tell me this doesn’t sound like a hell of fun.

Attend a concert

A lot of people have heard of Echo Arena Liverpool (now called the M&S Bank Arena) which opened in 2008 and has since hosted international stars like Beyoncé and exclusive events like Davis Cup tennis and the MOBO awards, there might be a concert slotted for this spot while you are in the neighbourhood. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is the top location for those interested in a fancy night out listening to classical music and you may even get a chance to see the famous Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.  The Arts Club is for those with an alternative music taste and a love of dance. It has been in existence since the 1800s and continues to be a visitor favourite.



Try out Local Dishes

In the past years, there has been a slow but steady return f, Liverpool, to the list of UK cities with the best local dishes including ‘Scouse’ which is the local traditional version of beef stew made famous during World War 2. Liverpool’s food scene has undergone a major revival and it could even feel like there are just too many options. No need to be overwhelmed, we have some suggestions to help narrow your choices. If you want a palate pampering, visit the small village of Oxton to find Liverpool’s Michelin-starred restaurant called Restaurant Fraiche.

Alma de Cuba is a popular option that is housed by what was once St. Peters Catholic Church. Its high ceilings, exposed bricks, and ornaments an enchanting atmosphere for the best dining experience. Panoramic 34 is Britain’s tallest restaurant and is found at Liverpool’s West Tower which goes 100 metres above sea level and provides 360 degrees view of the city, distant Welsh mountains and with clear skies, you could see as far as Manchester’s Hilton Hotel. It is the perfect place for an awe-inspiring dinner or lunch date with someone dear.

We do not think you need any more convincing about how great a city Liverpool is. There are just so many fun activities for adults in Liverpool that this list does not even scratch the surface.

Mersey Games offer a range of games suitable for all party events but we love to entertain stag and hen parties and other groups. For a list of fun things to do in Liverpool for stag parties see here. We’d love to hear from you and you are more than welcome to make an enquiry with our team to host your event with us here at Mersey Games. We hold both indoor and outdoor events and have locations in Liverpool and Manchester.