Bubble Ball

The UK's leading inflatable activity

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Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball needs no introduction as it has taken the UK by storm! It's 5 a side footy in your own inflatable ball meaning you can send each other flying. Hilarious!


"It's one of the funniest things I've ever done!"


This game is so much fun and will really get the adrenaline pumping. It's certainly been a hit with our groups.

In fact, we had so many people wanting to do more than one hour we created a package so you can do just that.... and the second hour is half price! Check out the Double Trouble Package Deal.

Big Hits and Lots of laughs

The modern game of football has gone a bit soft with the slightest touch sending players rolling on the ground.... Well, not here!

You will be literally rolling on the ground and the whistle won't go for that! You'll be crying with laughter at some of the hits you give out and receive.

We use an over sized ball and an oversized goal so your sure to be able to score no matter your football skill level.

Safety First

We've been the leading provider of Stag and Hen activities in Liverpool for years and we've stayed that way because we insist on the highest safety standards, whilst also knowing how to have fun!

Saftey is an important consideration for your group as you don't want an injury to cut short someones weekend. We have an excellent safety record and that's because we use all the correct gear and conduct regular safety tests to make sure you are safe.

This means you can relax knowing you are well looked after. You can focus on bashing your mates and having a great time!

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Other Games

We have other games that you can play along with Bubble Ball:


British Bulldogs

Ten Pin Bowling

Stag/Hen Shoot Out

Zorb Sumo

Royal Rumble


All these games are hilarious and will get you crying with laughter! We love that!


Johnathan Davies

Best Man

I've been paint balling before and this was just as good but without the pain of getting shot! 

Ed Lea


We combined this into one of the package deals and so glad we did. We're all talking about coming back to do this all day! Try the double arrow shot!

Emily Armstrong


We did the Mega Mersey Deal and it was the Best day out ever! I was worried about getting shot but the foam tipped arrows don't hurt and i'm not covered in bruises after! 

Thanks to everyone at Mersey Games the staff are amazing!

All for Only £30 per person

Bubble Ball can be a stand alone game for you and your friends. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete induction, learn the rules and get out on the course. Then you get a full hour to play the games.

Perfect if you've got other plans already set up.


Add Bubble Ball into one of our package deals

Why not combine Bubble Ball with one of our other games and get lunch thrown in to the deal?

Or if you think you can handle all our games check out the Mega Mersey Deal for massive savings!