About Liverpool Hen Weekends

Liverpool is one of the top cities for a lively, vibrant hen weekend! Liverpool knows that it’s the go to place for a hen weekend and it has well equipped itself to make it the best hen party city in the UK. There’s so much to do and see as well as places to eat and drink that it’s difficult to know where to start.


However, fear not!


We’ve put together loads of helpful information for you, so you and your hens can get to know the Liverpool culture and how things are done so that while on your awesome Liverpool hen weekend, you can become at one with the scouse ways of life!


Liverpool is a stunning city with so many lively and exciting different things to do to make your Liverpool hen do one of a kind. Take in the mesmerising views of the River Mersey all along the promenade and have a mooch around the impressive, red bricked Albert Dock. It’s steeped in so much history and also home to some of the best hen friendly restaurants and bars in Liverpool, it’s absolutely electric.


Liverpool has two cathedrals the Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan. If you want to appreciate seriously intense beauty, head to the Anglican. You can travel to the top of the tower and get the full “tower experience” and see Liverpool at its finest bird’s eye view. It’s pretty hard to miss, it’s a huge part of Liverpool’s iconic skyline.

Liverpool Hen Party Zones

Matthew Street is the most popular Liverpool district for hen party drinks and general great vibes! Your Liverpool Hen Weekend wouldn’t be complete without joining these bar hoppers. The streets are filled with people and the music spills out of each venue creating a buzzing atmosphere. There’re buskers singing classics till the wee hours and Beatles memorabilia in every direction! This is where the famous Cavern Club and Lennon’s bar are. If you love live music, Sgt Peppers and the Cavern Club on Matthew Street are the best places for your hen party. There’s a healthy mix of old and new bars so there’s something that will suit every hens’ music taste.


Ropewalks is the other major hen party zone in Liverpool. Concert Square and its surrounding areas, Wood Street and Seel Street are absolutely rammed with back to back bars and clubs. You will be so spoilt for choice that you’ll be joining all the other scousers on the streets as they bar hop to as many bars as possible in one night!


Alma de Cuba is a staple bar in this area, Located on Seel Street, it has been converted from an old church and features stunning Brazilian dancers on Friday and Saturday nights. The party atmosphere is top notch here so put it on your list for your Liverpool hen weekend! If you’re hens and bride to be are more indie fans, head to Salt Dog Slims for lush cocktails and a wicked playlist full of indie bangers.


Moving down towards Concert Square, you will be pleasantly surprised at the layout. The cobbled square is lined with bars with a huge seating area in the middle with heaters and awnings covering you from the elements. You can venture into one of the many bars, we like Modo and McCooley’s for your drinks and if you can’t grab a seat inside, fear not, head to the tables outside!


The latest and upcoming area of Liverpool is the Baltic Triangle. It seems to have popped up from nowhere in the last 5 years! But there are some seriously cool bars here for your hen weekend. Most of them have made use of the old warehouses from the industrial era, regenerating them into quirky hen party spaces with great vibes and loads of themed bars to boot.


On Air definitely is one to make a beeline for with your hens! There’re loads of hen friendly bars in these converted warehouses. It’s packed full of live music and people. The area is buzzing! Then you can go over to the Camp and Furnace which can cover all bases – have a sumptuous roast dinner on Sunday to cure the hangover from the wicked Abba night they hosted the night before! Or if you’re lucky enough, check out Bongo’s Bingo website for tickets to the best rave in the city! Play bingo, drink loads, rave to classics then try and play bingo again! It really is something else! It’s perfect for a hen do and a must see for your Liverpool hen weekend.

Exciting Hen Activities to do in Liverpool

Liverpool women are extremely fashion conscious and put a lot of effort and care into how they look. There are thousands of beauty salons and hairdressers around the city and it is not common for them to be completely booked up on a Friday and Saturday. Nails, hair, makeup, spray tans, eye lashes, waxing, hair extensions, pretty much anything you can think of that can be preened, Liverpool women are doing it! If a lady has a big event such as a hen do, it is acceptable for them to be seen out and about in Liverpool with rollers in their hair after spending hours in the hairdressers on a Saturday morning. The curls need to stay as bouncy as possible, it’s the only way! Even being out in the local Asda in pyjamas is accepted in Liverpool! You have to wear loose clothes after having a spray tan, so this is how the pyjama fashion during the day came about. They spend hours getting done up and therefore Liverpool nightlife is some of the most glamourous and beautiful in the whole of the UK. There’s a reason why people say Liverpool women are the most beautiful in the UK!

The Beatles

The Beatles are iconic Liverpool legends. I couldn’t possibly write a Liverpool guide without dedicating a section to the Beatles. A word of advice don’t tell anyone that you don’t like The Beatles if you’re not a huge fan. It won’t go down too well in Liverpool.

The city has made itself a huge tribute and head nod to them and there are hundreds of statues, artwork and cool museums and trips that you can see and visit on your hen weekend, if you’re a fan that is. To be honest, who isn’t though?

The Beatles Story is a museum that tells the tale of John, Paul, George and Ringo’s journey. The best statues to visit for brilliant photos are: The Fab Four at Liverpool’s Pier Head (near the Liver buildings) where 4 life size bronze statues are walking alongside the river Mersey. Eleanor Rigby’s statue which sits on a bench on Stanley Street with a plaque dedicated to “all the lonely people”. John Lennon’s statue leans casually outside the Cavern Club doors. George Harrison’s statue stands on top of the entrance to the Hard Days Night Hotel which is luxury Beatles inspired hotel.

I could be here all day telling you about all the different things… The Beatles are everywhere if you know to look out for them.

Liverpool Legends

Speaking of The Beatles that brings me nicely on to some seriously famous people who are from Liverpool. Liverpool is basically an all singing and dancing city. It’s a super theatrical and musical and there are too many famous, talented faces to name them all. Here are the most obvious ones: Cilla Black, Steven Gerrard, Paul O’Grady, Atomic Kitten, Wayne Rooney, Daniel Craig, John Bishop, Abbey Clancy and Craig Charles but to name a few.

Get down with the Liverpool Lingo

Now, going to Liverpool is one thing, but speaking the lingo is another! You want to experience Liverpool like a true scouser, then you have to know what the local people are saying to you!

You’ll be able to communicate with the locals in no time with our handy guide!


Wool, woolyback

This is what they call people who are not from Liverpool but are from surrounding areas that are within a 30-mile radius. This phase tends to come up when someone does something that is not the Liverpool way, for example “That’s proper wool behaviour, that”.


This is general happy, positive proclamation. You want to remember these ones as you will hear them a lot. People from Liverpool are generally very friendly and happy so these phrases get thrown around at force in Liverpool! Here are some of the most popular:

Made up, is right, belter, nice one, go ‘ed, boss, sound.

“I’m made up you had a boss time on your hen weekend, is right”


On the opposite end of the scale, we have the not so happy proclamation. People from Liverpool are likely to say something when someone does them wrong or they are upset about something. And they have the lingo to go with the dissatisfaction. For example, devvo’d, gutted, eeeeeeeee, horror

“Am devvo’d we never went shopping in Liverpool while we were there on your hen do ya know, am proper gutted. It’s supposed to be belter.”

There’s lots of words that are used in replacement of others, for instance; am instead of I’m. Ya instead of you and never instead of didn’t.


Next up that you need to know are the male and female slang terms. For male: Lad, la, lid, fella, kid, kidda, auld fella.

Fella is what a female would call her boyfriend. This can be confusing because auld fella is the father in the family.

For female: Bird, me ma, girl, queen, me nan. Bird, girl and queen are endearing terms for girlfriend and lady. Don’t be offended if you are called these.


We hope that helps you on the streets of Liverpool! We’re sure you’ll be sound!