Liverpool Stag Weekend Ideas and Bristol stag do activities

About Liverpool Stag Weekends

Liverpool is up there as one of the best cities for a stag weekend in the UK!Stag-weekend-strip-club

And rightly so as Liverpool has got it all!


It’s vibrant, buzzing and will have you raving till the morning comes. Not to mention it has plenty of unique bars and, of course, strip clubs! You just have to know the right places to go! That’s where I come in! I’ve written a sweet guide to Liverpool stag weekends to give you and your stags insights into all the stuff you need to know. How to get down with the Scousers and get the most out of Liverpool. This guide will make your visit one epic Liverpool stag weekend!


So to begin:


Liverpool is a visually stunning city and even though I’m aware your stag weekend will be mostly seeing the inside of bars, clubs and drinking holes, I’m going to inform you of all the other cool stuff that Liverpool has to offer.

stag weekend albert docks

First stop is the legendary Albert Dock. There’s some great shops and funny novelty shops too so its worth taking a look. Plus, it’s visually exquisite. The red bricks are submerged in so much history, it would be an insult to skip it while visiting on your stag do. Plus, you’ll be pleased to know there’s some great food places and bars around here too that will cater for stag weekenders. Head to PanAm for some great food during the day and a wicked club venue in the night time. You can book booths and drinks packages as well.

Win win, eh?

If you want to soak up the sights of the Mersey, head over to the promenade and take a walk along the river side, blow that stag weekend hangover right out of the water! You’ll find a few riverside pubs along the way too if you’re aching for the hair of the dog!


Liverpool city centre is awesome for shopping, it’s all been done up and had some serious money ploughed into it so its decent for all the usual’s but good for designer clobber too! Head down to the Met Quarter for your designer fix if your stag is a style shopper!

Liverpool Stag Party Zones

Ropewalks is where you want to be on your stag do. It’s the most popular district in Liverpool for the stag party atmosphere! It encompasses Seel Street, Wood Street and Concert Square. You can’t go wrong on you stag weekend if you head here, your stags will have a wicked time in this area!


There’re bars back to back and the streets are filled with clubbers, bar hopping from one place to the next. If you like up market bars then head to Alma De Cuba. It’s an old converted church with a bar as long as the entire room and a stage where the altar used to be with Brazilian style dancers giving it absolute beans. What’s not to like? You can get drinks packages here too and table service if you pre-book. Great plan for you stag weekend, eh?


Move deeper into the Ropewalks area and you’ll get to Concert Square. This is literally a square surrounded with wall to wall bars.


Stag weekend Heaven!


The cobbled square has seating in the middle too so don’t be sitting like a sardine in Soho, get under a heater and a big bench with all the lads and drink your pitcher of beers with some comfortable elbow room!


McCooley’s is a good bar to remember for your stag weekend. It’s located on the corner of Concert Square and Wood Street. They do food, beer and show all major sporting events. Result!


The next major drinking area for stag do’s in Liverpool is Matthew Street. The party vibe is absolutely electric and you and the stags will have such a laugh in some of the great bars here! It’s more relaxed in this area, the age range is larger too so if some of your stag weekend party are of the older generation, this is a better bet.


stag weekend cavern club

Matthew Street is a homage to The Beatles, so, naturally you’ll need to check out the legendary Cavern Club with the lads! Then once you’ve had a few scoops there, head over to Sgt Peppers for great live music. Lennon’s bar across the way is well worth a visit on your stag weekend.

The latest and most up and coming area of Liverpool is the Baltic Triangle. In the last 5 years this district has gone from derelict warehouses to a buzzing stag party scene. There’re so many bars to go to, you’ll have to dedicate a whole night of your stag weekend just to this area!

Camp and Furnace should be your first stop in the Baltic Triangle. If you can, try and get tickets to Bongo’s Bingo. It’s a great night where you and the stags will drink boat loads, play bingo, drink more, then rave, then play bingo! It’s a funny night with ridiculous prizes and runs most weekends. Pop over to their website to see about tickets. It would be a great laugh for a stag do, one to remember!


Then we have On Air in the Baltic Triangle which is a combination of smaller bars all grouped together in a massive warehouse. The live music here is top notch and the atmosphere is bouncing.


Your stags will love it! What a stag Weekend!


Top Tip: There’s also a Peaky Blinders themed bar, if you go in wearing a flat cap, you get a free drink! What’s not to love about that, hey lads?

Awesome Stag Activities to do in Liverpool

Stag weekend Activity

Liverpool is seriously equipped to accommodate a lot of stag do’s. Pretty much anything you can think of, Liverpool does it. This is because Liverpool in one of the top destinations for a stag weekend in the UK.


Spark that friendly competition between your stags at Mersey Games! This should be at the top of your list for things to do in Liverpool since it’s won the certificate of excellence award from trip advisor and all that…


There are 9 hilarious games, so you can batter your mates into next week, win points and then, at the end pull the best prank on your groom by dunking him!


Once you’ve had your fun filled morning at Mersey Games, head to Liverpool City Centre for some lunch and a beer at one of the sports bars. I suggest Bier Keller’s Shooters bar. Get on the ale nice and early and do what stags do best. Have a grand old time!


Maybe later on the stags could hit up a strip club? Only if you’re sure the Mrs won’t find out, though! There’s a couple on Wood Street in the Ropewalks area, you won’t struggle to find them. The biggest one is called X in the City. You won’t regret it. They say that scouse girls are the most attractive in the UK. Go see for yourselves! It’s open till 5am too. What a shout for a Liverpool stag weekend!

Learn the Liverpool Lingo

Now that you’ve decided that your coming to Liverpool for your stag weekend, you need to try and fit in and not look like a lemon when you have no idea what that fit bird has just said to you at the bar! So, here are a few pointers to help you on your merry Liverpool stag weekend way!


These are general phrases of happy proclamation. Most Liverpool folk are pretty happy so, you’ll find that you hear these phrases quite often on your visit to Scouseland.


Made up, is right, belter, nice one, go’ed, boss, sound.

“I had a boss time on my stag weekend, it was belter! Nice one for organising it”


On the opposite end of the scale, here are the popular sayings that you might hear if you do something stupid in front of a Liverpool lass or if you wrong a scouse lad.


Liverpool stag weekend lingoDevvo’d, gutted, eeeeee, you horror, soft lad.

“Am devvo’d we missed the Liverpool match! Soft lad here forgot the time, am gutted.”


You will hear a lot of “am” instead of “I’m” and “ya” instead of “you”.

They also like to say “never” instead of “didn’t”.

“I never went on Ste’s stag weekend”


Obviously, you will need to know how to address a lady. Here are the most common:

Bird, me ma, girl, queen, me nan.


For the guys, these are the terms you will expect to hear:

Lad, lid, la, fella, kid, kidda, auld fella.


A woman would refer to her boyfriend as her fella, so if you hear the words “I’ve got a fella”, back away slowly with your hands up.


Wool, woolyback

This is what Scousers call people who are not from Liverpool but just outside in the surrounding areas. This usually falls within a 30-mile radius. So, if you are from further away than that, then it’s likely that you won’t be called this term. It’s typically used in a derogatory way when someone does something stupid, for example;

“That’s proper wool behaviour, that”. 


Let’s hope that helps you on the good old streets of Liverpool on your Liverpool stag weekend!

The Beatles

Stag weekends The beatlesNo-one in their right mind could write a guide to Liverpool and not mention The Beatles. The whole city is a massive head nod to the iconic band. If you don’t think The Beatles are the best band in the world, it would be a strong decision for you if you didn’t mention it. Basically, everyone in Liverpool thinks they’re the bee’s knees.


If you are into The Beatles, then the Beatles Story museum is a great place to start. It tells a great tale about John, Paul, George and Ringo and their journey to stardom! It’s on the Albert Dock so head there if any of your stags are Beatles fans.


There are also some great statues of the fab four dotted all around Liverpool. I’ve made a list of the best ones that are worth looking out for whilst your walking the streets of Liverpool on your stag weekend:


stag weekend beatles statueAll four at Pier Head. The Beatles are seen at the pier head walking along looking out across the River Mersey. It’s pretty magical to be honest! Can you tell I’m a fan?


Eleanor Rigby is sat on a bench on Stanley Street with a plaque dedicated to “all the lonely people”.


George Harrison’s statue is stood above the entrance to The Hard Days Night Hotel. It’s worth going for a drink in the bar here. It’s a chill vibe and nice for a quiet drink.


John Lennon leans casually against the wall outside the Cavern Club doors.


Make sure you and the stags get some good pics on your stag weekend!

Liverpool Legends

It makes sense for me to carry on in to the realm of famous Scousers. You need to know these names if you’re coming to Liverpool for a stag weekend. Liverpool is very proud of all of its heritage and loves that so many Scousers have made it to the big time! Get to know these names! And make sure you don’t bad mouth any of them while your visiting!


Steven Gerrard. The legendary football player turned manager is one of Liverpool’s prize possessions! He’s the golden boy for football often referred to as Stevie G.


John Bishop. The funny man himself is famously from Liverpool. He uses his home town a lot in his comical stories and his accent is hard to miss!


Craig Charles. Another funny man, well known for his brilliant character “Lister” in tv sitcom Red Dwarf and then as Lloyd Mullaney, a permanent character in Coronation Street.


Abbey Clancy. The stunning model is the epitome of scouse beauty! If you haven’t been to Liverpool before, you are in for a treat!

Liverpool Landmarks

Keep your eyes peeled while you’re out in the city centre on your Liverpool Stag weekend. You’ll see the iconic Liver Birds sitting at the top of the Liver buildings on the waterfront. They’re pretty special and are the symbol of the city.

super lamb banana stag weekend

There’s the iconic Super lamb Banana’s dotted around the city which could be a safety hazard as you stumble around on your Liverpool stag weekend. Many a stag has been spotted trying to ride one of these into the sunset but we wouldn’t advise this!


The other two towers that make up Liverpool’s incredible skyline are the Radio City tower and the Anglican Cathedral. The radio tower is set at 400ft above the city boasting some serious views. You can go up and see them at just £6 a pop which we think is super incredible value! You’ll get some wicked stag weekend selfies up there!


The Anglican cathedral might not be up your street as somewhere to visit on a stag weekend, but it’s worth knowing what it is when you see its massive, gracious self, chilling at the side of the road up by the top end of Ropewalks!

Liverpool Events

So, there’s some information about Liverpool that not very many people will be rushing to share. But I’m a nice person, so I’m going to let you know. It’s to do with the careful selection of the stag weekend dates you chose to come to Liverpool.


Match days. As you may already know, Liverpool has two massive football teams. Liverpool and Everton. These two teams bring huge amounts of fans to Liverpool from all over the world. This means that all of the hotel and accommodation options cash in on that fact and massively inflate their prices. It’s a bummer but we get it, it’s business. So, my advice to you is to make sure you are aware of big upcoming dates.


The other giant annual event in Liverpool which will affect the booking of accommodation is Aintree’s Grand National. The races fall at the beginning of April and again, cause a massive surge of tourists to Liverpool. It’s the same situation as the football so make sure you book early if you’re dead set on that weekend for your Liverpool stag weekend.

Grand National Stag weekend

The Liverpool centre nightlife is also incredibly busy. If your stags want to make sure you have the best time ever, make sure you pre-book tables and booths in all bars and clubs that you plan to make a beeline for to avoid disappointment.


The same goes for taxis on these dates. They either take a very long time to turn up even when pre-booked or the operator just says that there aren’t any available. It might be worth planning minibuses or public transport for your stag weekend if you’ll be trying to stick to a tight schedule.

Lovely Local Liverpool Cuisine

To really experience Liverpool on your Liverpool stag weekend, you wouldn’t be doing yourselves justice if you didn’t experience the signature Liverpool dish! The dish that all Liverpool folk are named after!


SCOUSE!Liverpool stag weekend cuisine


It’s one of the nicest meals ever! It’s hearty and warming and works wonders on a hangover! Your stags will love it on your Liverpool stag weekend! It’s made up of beef or lamb, potatoes, onions and carrots with a side of picked cabbage and beetroot and a hot bread roll, if its been done properly that is! You must make sure you try it while you’re visiting!


Luckily for you, I’ve put together a few belter places that serve up the best bowls of scouse, so no excuses!


Maggie Mays on Bold Street is just a little café in the heart of Liverpool. Their scouse is so good that it is even sold in local Tesco stores!


The Baltic Fleet is a traditional pub based in the Baltic Triangle. They serve up a warm, cosy setting as well as a mean plate of the classic dish!


Last but not least, Clockworks! This place is slightly more sophisticated, but the scouse is totally worth it! It’s done in such a classic way with a modern twist, it’s hard to only have it once in a while!


Any of these three would be a great shout on your Liverpool stag weekend!


Liverpool is one of the most visited cities for stag Weekends in the UK and Europe and for good reason. There’s hundreds of activities, bars and clubs plus other things to see and do in the city. Combining this with the easy-going nature of the locals and it’s easy to see why Liverpool stag weekends are brilliant and will be remembered forever. That’s all from me for now, I hope you have great fun planning your Liverpool stag weekend and a wicked time experiencing it!


You certainly will have fun when we see you and your stags at Mersey Games! 😉