Activities in Manchester

All of our games are custom made and bigger than Liverpool Mersey Games!

We know your going to love them!


Haydock Jocks

It wouldn't be a trip to Manchester without going to the famous Haydock horse races so we've created our own hilarious take on the great event.

You will race against your buddies on our custom made horsey hoppers to see you takes the prize! Place your bets!

Rock and Roll Star

We've got a fantastic game for you here! It's like a gladiator duel but the giant podium where you have your bout will Rock and Roll with your motions so that you'll end up being flung off whether you win or lose! It's absolutely hilarious and definitely one our our favourite games!

It's a best of three grudge match and this one will be sure to keep you all laughing whether you are in the fight or watching it!

Bevvy Bungee Runl15cmheight

 Boddingtons Bungee

The Boddingtons Bungee has come from one of the staples of the Mersey Games - The Bevvy Bungee, which and has been sending you guys flying since we started! Lets see how you fare on the Manchester version!

The rules are simple. You get three goes to get your Boddie's onto the trays with the furthest trays worth more points. Remember though... the further you run the harder you fall! He who dares wins!

Wonder Wall

This one needs no introduction! It's a giant game of Wipe Out Wall where the boxing poles are powered by your mates!

You'll have to clamber across the wall hanging on to the hand holds while the boxing poles try to hit you and push you off!

Will they be kind and go slow or will they try to take your bits off!? It's called Wonder Wall as you'll wonder where the next blow is coming from!


Angry Manc Birds

We've taken inspiration from the famous video game and created a custom game that doesn't exist anywhere else.

You get to fire giant balls from our special catapult at your group to try and knock them off the podiums!

How Awesome is that!? It needs to be seen to be believed.

Table Football

A giant game of table football! Bonkers!

You line up inside our giant inflatable football pitch and hold onto the bars. You have to pass the ball between you and score as many goals as you can.

First to 10 wins but remember No Spinning!


Ring the Bell

It's a race to the top of the ladder to ring the bell but of course there's a twist.... and it's the ladder that twists!

Watch your mates wriggle and spin as they try to get to the top. It's simple and completely bonkers, which is why we love it!

Corrie Street Bowling

Corrie Street Bowling is a take on the original Penny Lane Bowling, which was one of our most popular games.

You start the game by spinning around our pole until your so dizzy you can't see straight and then you take your shots down the alley!

Bonus points for getting a strike!

Penny Lane Bowlingl