Manchester Hen Weekend Guide

Manchester is one of the most popular cities in the whole of the UK, especially for a Manchester hen weekend! The City of Manchester knows that it has a lot going for it and it has adapted to accommodate the ever-rising popularity of the infamous hen weekend! There are some huge attractions that bring people from far and wide to the city and we, because we’re nice like that, have put together a Manchester Hen Weekend guide which has some ideas for things to do in the City and its surrounding areas, perfect when you're planning a great Manchester hen weekend. Winking eye

About Manchester Hen Weekends

Also, in this hen weekend guide, we’re going to give you loads of tips, places to go and things to see! We’ll teach you about the Manchester culture and you’ll learn how the locals go about their daily lives. Soon, you and your hens will be fountains of knowledge! You’ll be at one with the Manchester ways of life and what better way to showcase your new information than on your hen weekend?! You and your hens will blend in like locals!


Manchester is a lively and bubbling city with loads to do on a hen weekend! You can do some serious shopping, enjoy a coffee in one of the many independent coffee shops or peruse one of the multiple museums. We’re certain there will be something that will peak your interest in Manchester! There’s an incredible library with glorious architecture called Rylands Library which is worth seeing if you like that sort of thing. Or if shopping is more you and your hens forte, then fear not! I have a whole section lined up for you!


Manchester Hen Party Zones

There are 6 different areas in Manchester that are vibrant on a Friday and Saturday night. It’s not really the done thing to bar hop from one place to another so you’re best to choose an area and stay put. Your feet will thank you! Manchester is quite spread out, so you would have to get taxis to each area if you want to go to different places.


Northern Quarter – The Northern Quarter has more of a bohemian vibe however it’s starting to be discovered by the hordes! There are still some cool independent bars dotted around for you and your hens to enjoy on your big night on the town though. Get yourselves to Science and Industry for a cracking night.


Canal Street – Lovingly known as Gay Village, this street runs along the canal. The cobbled lane is lined with bars, restaurants and often some whimsical characters if you’re lucky! In the summer, the street morphs into a festival lookalike as the party goers and diners enjoy the summer sun outside! Check out Via to take in the wonderful drag queen vibes.


The Printworks – Situated next to Victoria Train Station, The Printworks is a hub for people looking for a party vibe! With restaurants next to clubs, this is a great area for an all in one experience. The Hard Rock Café is a particular favourite of ours for starting the night with cocktails and then you can head on over to Tiger Tiger once you and your hens are ready to dance the night away.


Deansgate Locks – More commonly known as “The Locks”, these bars are more upmarket and hen parties are welcome as long as there’re no “L” plates or blow up dolls! The bars are housed in converted railway arches. It’s very cool, you and your hens will love it! Make sure you take the time to go up to Cloud 23 in the Hilton Hotel (Beetham Tower). This bar is one of Manchester’s most luxurious night spots. It should definitely be on the hit list if this is going to be the best hen weekend ever!


Oxford Road – This area is full to the brim of concerts, shows and theatres and therefore there are a lot of bars to house those looking for their post entertainment drinks! There are also a lot of university campuses in the area, so you’ll find a lot of great student deals to cash in on if anyone in your group has a student card!


Deansgate – Spanning from Castlefield to Spinningfields, Deansgate is a hub for bars, restaurants and general fab stuff you need to see on your hen weekend! Mojo is a great club, open till 5am and playing rock and roll tunes. It’s decent!



Exciting Hen Activities to do in Manchester

Mersey Games Activity Hen weekend

Manchester gets some serious hen parties each year and as a result the city has worked hard to accommodate them all! There are hundreds of hen themed activities specifically aimed at hen parties for you to choose from! It’s a big market these days!


Obviously, Mersey Games Manchester should be at the top of your to do list! It’s brand, spanking new and we’ve made it next level fun! It’s indoor all year round so there’s no chilly days to be worrying about and basically, it’ll be the best 2 and a half hours you’ll have with your closest hen girlfriends on your hen weekend! With 8 brand new games, some bigger and better than before and some never seen before, this is actually a spectacular way to spend an afternoon on a hen weekend!


After you’ve had the time of your lives at Mersey Games Manchester, head home and freshen up and get ready to have one of the best nights out in Manchester ever! You’ll do well being a hen party in Manchester, they welcome future brides with open arms at practically every venue! Not everywhere loves the hen fancy dress though so make sure you check out the rules on the website of where you’re going first.


Then, why not cure your beast of a hangover by buying lots of pretty things! Manchester is brimming with plenty of shopping hotspots however, our favourite for some proper full on retail therapy is the mighty Trafford Centre. Shop till you drop in the spectacular glass building, spoil yourself, find some new shoes, go to the cinema or even have girly drinks in one of the bars with your hens once you’re all shopped out.


Get down with the Manchester Lingo

It’s all good and well going to Manchester for a happy hen weekends, but if you really want to get the full Manchester experience, then you’ll need to get down with the lingo! You’ll need to know these common phrases while on your hen do in Manchester. Surely you want to blend in with the crowd? Communicate like a pro with the locals with our handy little dictionary of slang words that the Manchester folk use all the time!


Pet, Love, Cock

These are the common terms of endearment. You’ve probably heard of pet and love, cock on the other hand is more heard with the older generation and is more for the lads, but don’t be shocked if you hear it! Note, you are going to be called love and pet everywhere you go!


Do one

Made super popular by the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, do one basically means get lost. So, if anyone in Manchester says this to you, do a U turn sharpish unless you fancy a scrap.



You’ll be doing a lot of this in Manchester on your hen weekend! Having a mooch around the shops? This means to wander and have a look around.


Nice one, mint, sound, top one, buzzin’, sweet

These are all ways of saying that you’re happy with something. Buzzin’ is more to do with excitement. For example; “I’m buzzin’ for me pet’s hen weekend!”. On a whole though, you should really adopt these terms for the weekend on your hen do. You’ll be fitting in like an old piece of furniture in no time!


Mad fer it, lets ‘av it

Again, these ones were made super famous by the Gallagher brothers! They often say these two phrases which essentially mean that they’re really excited! It’s Manchester’s way of saying “bring it on” and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you and your hens!  Wouldn’t it be a great catch phrase for your whole hen weekend?! You could get it printed on the back of your bride tribe t-shirts! MAD FER IT!!


Local Manchester Mad Quirks

There are a fair number of weird things that Manchester folk like and do. One of the first things that is pretty unusual is “The Curry Mile”. There are literally an insane amount of Indian restaurants and takeaways along one street! It’s got quite a cult following. So, if an Indian meal takes your fancy one night on your hen party, don’t skip out on The Curry Mile!!


Next up is the Manchester Bee. You might notice bees all over Manchester city centre. They represent Manchester people as worker bees. It’s graced the Manchester coat of arms since the 1800’s! Manchester was being built up to be the first industrial city in the world and tens of thousands of people flocked to the city to work. Therefore, the worker bee name was tagged to the people of Manchester. Then, after the terror attack in 2017, the bee took on a new meaning. It became a symbol of pride, solidarity and unity in the city. The bee symbol can be seen as artwork on the streets, in shops as décor and even as tattoos on the Manchester dwellers. So, if ever you feel the urge to get a tattoo to remember your hen do, a little bee might be just right as a head nod to the amazing city of Manchester that made your hen weekend perfect!


The Piccadilly Rats. These guys… Well, these guys are an interesting bunch. Be sure to look out for them! Much loved in the city of Manchester, this band started in 2013.

They sport rat face rubber masks that set them apart from other buskers. Not that they need it, they’re weird enough! They’re of the older generation, fond of a pint and have some kooky dance moves!

They’ve been featured on Judge Rinder for a mankini malfunction. It turns out that it’s the most viewed episode of Judge Rinder to date! People took it as a joke, but the court case was a real dispute as the mankini malfunction unfortunately cost them the winnings of a battle of the bands. It all sounds ridiculous but I think that’s what their charm is all about!


Manchester Legends

Talking about all of the massive bands that have come from Manchester has brought us nicely round to talk about some other seriously famous and worth mentioning golden personalities from Manchester! From scientists to movie stars, Manchester has an impressive list of famous faces that you should know about! On your hen weekend, feel free to spread your knowledge and fit in like one of the locals! Here are some facts for you!

Victoria Wood – More well known as a comedienne, she was a seriously funny girl!
She was usually featured on TV programmes and she made it in to the hearts of all Mancunians with laughter! She was also a talented singer/songwriter and actress. Manchester cried a tear when she passed in 2016.

Danny Boyle – He has made himself a pinnacle voice in the film industry and has made some cracking films such as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. He was born and bred Radcliffe not far from Manchester’s city centre.

Emmeline Pankhurst – One of women’s most important figures! Remember this name! She was a strong supporter and believer in women’s rights. She played an important part in the push for rights and equality for women. She helped form the Suffragettes in 1903 and through loads of political demonstrations and grim hunger strikes, she made enough of an impression to grant women the right to vote! Yes, Love!

Jason Manford – We all know this guy, famously from Salford just outside the centre of Manchester! His first gig was a stolen opportunity when one of the performers failed to turn up at a show in The Buzz Comedy Club! Ballsy stuff! We love it!

Benedict Cumberbatch – Not born in Manchester but attended Manchester University to study drama! Bet you didn’t know that!

Steve Coogan – Our absolute fave! Alan Partridge! Born in Middleton just outside of Manchester. This seriously talented guy has co-founded a production company called Baby Cow Productions!


Manchester Events

Events in Manchester are mad popular and there are loads going on all throughout the summer. Which, of course, is the height of hen do season so there will be something on when you visit. We've listed some of the highlights here with links to their websites where possible.


February - Chinese New Year

June - Park Life

July - Manchester Music Festival

September - Manchester Food and Drink Festival

October - Oktober fest



There's plenty of others to choose from as well such as St. Patricks day when the city comes alive and everybody goes a little bit wild! Any festival would be great for your Manchester Hen Weekend!

Travelling around Manchester while these festivals are on can be tricky with road closures etc but there's excellent transport links. Check out the universal travel cards. They’re called System One Travel and they work for trams, trains and buses and are definitely worthwhile.




Manchester Munchies


Make sure you are familiar with these food things and try not to pull a face if you get the opportunity to try one of them! That is not how you act cool on a hen weekend in Manchester!


The Manchester Egg

This is a newly born creation. Only in 2010 was this crazy egg pickled, wrapped in black pudding and sausage meat then littered in bread crumbs. It is similar as the scotch egg, however, has a distinctly different taste and is hugely popular. They actually sell out in the places where it’s sold! Head to The Castle Hotel on Oldham Street, Electrik in Chorlton or The Parlour in Chorlton.


The Pasty Barm

This is bread roll (barm cake, don’t question that in Manchester) with a meat and potato pasty put in the middle. Every good bakery in Bolton should be able to produce one!



Did you know that Vimto was actually created in Manchester!? Well now you do!



Manchester is one of the most visited cities for hen weekends in the north of the UK and here’s why! There are literally hundreds of activities for you and your fellow hens to be doing, loads of bars, clubs as well as some wicked shopping spots! Combine this with the eccentric yet warm personalities of the locals, then your Manchester hen party will create memories that will stay with you forever.


Especially if you make a visit to Mersey Games Manchester! ?

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