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About Manchester Stag Weekends


Manchester has made its name as one of the top destinations for a stag weekend in the whole of the UK and there are plenty of reasons why. A Manchester stag weekend has got it all!


The growing demand for things to do was getting to the point where it couldn’t be ignored anymore and so, ta daaaaa there’s loads of activities, bars, restaurants and attractions that bring even more people from far and wide to the city for their Manchester stag weekend!


Manchester is quite a big city, so we've put together this handy Manchester stag weekend guide so that you can benefit from our local knowledge. You’ll have some great conversation starters for while you’re away on your Manchester stag weekend so that when you’re out making friends with the locals, and chatting up the ladies, you won’t be sticking out like a sore thumb.


This is the ultimate Manchester stag weekend guide which  includes lots of helpful tips and great ideas on where to go and what to do, so read on and you will be planning the best Manchester stag weekend ever!


Manchester has some seriously good options!


There's culture galore if that's your thing, loads of sport to catch, there are independent bars with huge ranges of local ales to try and a plethora of stag focused activities to get involved in.


However, if none of that tickles your fancy and your Manchester stag weekend is about hitting the mainstream bar and club scene then we've got that covered too. We’ve made a great list of all the areas that should be on your hit list for your Manchester stag weekend!

Manchester Stag Party Zones

There are 6 key areas in Manchester that are buzzing and full of atmosphere, all are perfect for a stag weekend! We'd advise you to pick one or two spots to try each night rather than trying to go to every place in one night. Manchester is a big city after all.


Northern Quarter – This area is probably the most popular for stag weekends. There are lots and lots of independent, bohemian style bars with quirky décor and good drinks. You can easily bar hop around here as they are all pretty close to one another. Get yourselves down to Science and Industry for some pretty special drinks and a cool atmosphere!


Canal Street – Known as Gay Village by the locals, this street runs along the canal, hence the name! It has loads of bars, restaurants and clubs often with DJ’s dressed in drag! In the summer, this area is particularly vibrant as people take advantage of the pretty views and outdoor seating! It has more of a festival vibe. If this is your scene, make sure you check out Via for a buzzing club!


The Printworks – A stone’s throw from Victoria Train Station, The Printworks is a great indoor party hub! With restaurants, bars and clubs, all under cover from the elements, this is great spot for the winter months. The Hard Rock Café is chilling here which is great for food and has a nice big bar for pre-drinks before heading over the way to Tiger Tiger with the stags!


Deansgate Locks – This area is a lot more upmarket than the others, they will be expecting best behaviour and no outrageous pranks or costumes. So maybe leave the penis outfit at home for this one. The bars are built into the old railway track arches and look really cool from the outside, the lads will love it! As well as the arches, make sure you get a trip to the top of Beetham Tower where the exclusive Cloud 23 bar is sat looking over the magnificent views of Manchester. It’s one of the top hot spots so make sure you get there before you’re too wasted to get in! It’ll be a great memory from your epic Manchester stag weekend.


Oxford Road – There are loads of theatres, academies and just generally lots of stages in this area for gigs and shows! Therefore, there are a hell of a lot of bars to accommodate those post show drinkers! There’re loads of students in this area too, so if you’re looking for a cheap night out, this is the place to be.


Deansgate – This is an absolute hub for bars, restaurants and general lively atmosphere. Perfect for a stag do! Head to Mojo for a great night, wicked rock and roll tunes and open till 5am too! Result!

Awesome Stag Activities to do in Manchester

manchester-mersey-gamesManchester gets bag loads of stag dos each year, so, naturally local businesses and companies have worked hard to entertain and accommodate them all. There are hundreds of themed activities specifically aimed at stag parties so that you can royally prank the stag or just have a laugh with the lads!


Obviously, we are going to mention Mersey Games Manchester! It should be at the top of your list of things to do on your Manchester stag weekend. If you’re looking to have a laugh and want to do something different for your daytime activity. You can stitch up the stag by shooting Angry Manc Birds at him or batter him on the Rock and Roll Star!


It's Hilarious! You won't stop laughing!


The games are brand new and we’ve put loads of effort into making them pretty special for you guys. It’ll be 2 and a half hours of pissing your pants at the stags expense. What more could you possibly want to make your Manchester stag weekend legendary?


After you’ve had a ball at the Mersey Games Manchester, go freshen up and head out for some beer tasting! It’s a great activity for the lads, get to try some new beers or real ales that you might not have tried before and maybe find your new favourite! Win win! While you’re there, a bite to eat might be a good shout before you hit the town hard!


Why not sort out that mean hangover with a bit of bubble football? Get some fresh air and have a laugh with your mates over a friendly kickabout? Just the slight funny issue of being inside a zorb ball! You guys will enjoy it! It’s a popular activity for a stag weekend.

Learn the Manchester Lingo

If you properly want to soak up the Manchester vibes, you’re going to need to learn some of the chat. Blend in with the local folk. Be at one with the Mancs. I’ll have you throwing out the Manchester slang in no time!


Pet, Love, Cock

These are all words that you would use if you liked the person you were chatting to. Pet and Love you might well have heard before, Cock for a positive nickname might not be something that you have heard before. So, make sure that you don’t take offence if you get called cock or cocker, they’re just being nice!


Do one

The Gallagher brothers made this one super well known! With their controversial ways, they were often dishing this one out in interviews! It basically means get lost to other non-Manchester folk! If anyone in Manc-land says this to you, be prepared for things to get a little rough…


Our Kid

This one is a close relative, like one brother would call the other or an uncle would his nephew.


Nice one, mint, sound, top one, buzzin, sweet

There are all ways to express something being good or that you are happy with the way something turned out. Buzzin is more about being excited for something coming up or pleased about something that has happened “I’m buzzin’ about our kid’s Manchester stag weekend!”.


Mad fer it, lets ‘av it

The Oasis lads have done it again! They often used to shout these phrases down the mic at their gigs to get the crowd hyped up! Mad fer it is actually a pretty cool slogan for your stag do! Maybe you could get it printed on the back your t-shirts? It’s Manchester’s way of saying “bring it on!” and so if it’s good enough for them, I’m pretty sure it’s good enough for your stag do!

Local Manchester Mad Quirks

There are a fair few mad things that the Mancunians do… one of them is creating the curry mile. This is literally a mile-long stretch of road that has loads of Indian take away restaurants on it.

How awesome is that!?

It’s become famous and is a tourist attraction in it's own right.... especially at the end of a mad night out! Fancy a curry on your Manchester stag weekend? You know where to go!


You will be able to spot the Manchester bee everywhere once you know what you’re looking out for! You'll see it on statues, drawings, graffiti, shop décor, bar trinkets and even tattoos, these little bees are a massive head nod to the culture and rise of the Manchester folk.

Way back when, thousands of workers flocked to Manchester during the build of the first ever industrial city. Since then the “worker bee” has been on the Manchester coat of arms.

More recently, the worker bee took on a new meaning after the 2017 terror attack at Ariana Grande’s gig at the Manchester Arena. It became a symbol of solidarity and unity in the city. So, if maybe you fancy a tattoo....



The Piccadilly Rats. You might want to give these guys a cheeky little google to get a feel for their vibe…

They’re pretty mad.

They have become an integral part of the busking life on the streets of Manchester! A couple of them sometimes wear creepy rubber rat masks and they’ve usually had a few scoops when they play… It’s comedy really!

They famously featured on Judge Rinder's TV Court room show. Amusingly, there was a mankini issue during their set in a battle of the bands competition which cost them the prize. Half of the band were suing the wearer for their loss… It’s a funny episode and is one of the most watched ones ever! It’s ridiculous and all part of their charm. Make sure you look out for the Piccadilly Rats on the streets and get some pictures with them! The pictures might make great ammo for the upcoming speeches!

Manchester Legends

Talking about all of these monumental musicians brings us neatly on to some other seriously famous people from Manchester! There’s been loads! And who doesn’t love to hear how impressive the people from their hometown are! It’s a sure-fire way to get a pint bought for you by a local! Great plan for a stag weekend, isn’t it! Now, time to memorise!


Albert Finney – A major Hollywood actor! He was born in Salford just outside of Manchester city centre! Arguably his most notable film was opposite Julia Roberts as the lawyer who hired Erin Brockovich. Boom!


Sir Alex Ferguson – Manchester United’s longest serving manager, 26 years at Old Trafford. His record speaks for it's self:

2 x Champions League
13 x Premier League
1 x European Cup Winners’ Cup
5 x FA Cup
4 x League Cup
1 x UEFA European Super Cup
1 x FIFA Club World Cup
1 x Intercontinental Cup
10 x FA Charity Shield/Community Shield

Enough Said!


Anthony Burgess – You might not know this name, but this guy is the mind behind the novel; A Clockwork Orange! Mancunians have honoured him by having a literary centre named after him!


Danny Boyle – He made himself an iconic figure in the filming industry and he has created some massive blockbusters such as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 hours to name a few. He was born in Radcliffe just outside the city centre! The Manchester folk are extremely proud to call him one of their own.


Stephen-coogan-popular-mancunianVictoria Wood – Most well known for her funny ways, this comedienne made a fantastic career for herself. She was on loads of TV programmes and she made it into the hearts of the whole of the UK but particularly Manchester, what with it being her home town.


Steve Coogan – Alan Partridge is the man! A comedy genius in our opinion and was born in Middleton just outside of Manchester. He’s so talented and has even co-founded a production company called Baby Cow Productions! Ah Ha!

Manchester Footy

Manchester is home to both Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs... just in case you didn't know!!! Both these giants of British football are well worth watching whether you are a supporter or not. Man Utd has the best record in modern times and City is widely regarded as the team playing the best football in the world right now.


There's also Salford FC who are now owned by the Class of 92 Man Utd players including Gary Neville and David Beckham amongst others. They are trying to take this none league team up the tables with the heights of the premier league the eventual dream. Supporting a home game here when they are such minnows might be one to tell the gand kids about someday...

Manchester Events

Events in Manchester are mad popular and there are loads going on all throughout the summer. Which, of course, is the height of stag do season so there will be something on when you visit. We've listed some of the highlights here with links to their websites where possible.

February - Chinese New Year

June - Park Life

July - Manchester Music Festival

September - Manchester Food and Drink Festival

October - Oktober fest

There's plenty of others to choose from as well such as St. Patricks day when the city comes alive and everybody goes a little bit wild! Any festival would be great for your Manchester Stag Weekend!

Travelling around Manchester while these festivals are on can be tricky with road closures etc but there's excellent transport links. Check out the universal travel cards. They’re called System One Travel and they work for trams, trains and buses and are definitely worthwhile.

Mad Manchester Cuisine

These magical food things where created in Manchester! If you see any of them on sale, buy them immediately!


The Pasty Barm – This is a bread roll (barm cake - don’t argue this name for it in Manchester) with a meat and potato pasty put in the middle. Doesn’t it sound beautiful!? Every good bakery should be able to offer these!


The Manchester Egg – A newly created scotch egg concoction. In 2010 some guy in Manchester thought to use a pickled egg wrapped in black pudding and sausage meat then dipped in breadcrumbs. Similar to the scotch but very, very different. These bad boys sell out every time. Head to Castle Hotel in Oldham Street, Electrik in Chorlton or The Parlour in Chorlton to get your fix.


Vimto – Bet you didn’t know Vimto was actually created in Manchester! Save that one for a pub quiz, eh!?


Manchester is one of the most popular cities for a stag weekend. There are so many fun and cheeky activities for you and your stags to be doing whilst on your weekend visiting! Loads of bars, clubs as well as strip clubs! Adding this to the eccentric but warm personalities of the locals and you’ll be having an epic Manchester stag weekend! Especially if you manage to get a visit to Mersey Games - Manchester!?

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