Mersey Games Is Coming To Manchester


Hey all! I hope you’re good and have had a great year so far! Here at Mersey Games, we’ve had a super exciting year! And today, I have some awesome news to share with you all!


Thanks to the amazing reviews and constant 5-star feedback from everyone who has been and experienced Mersey Games, the opportunity presented to open our second Mersey Games! Just a hop along the river down to the source of the Mersey to find Mersey Games Manchester! The top stag and hen weekend activity!


Where in Manchester?

We took extra special care when choosing our new site. We wanted to make sure it was super accessible to stags and hens who were travelling from a distance. Because of this we’ve chosen a spot in Salford that has great connections to motorways. The M62 comes in directly from Liverpool straight onto the M602, going past Manchester’s ring road which is the M60. It’s also very easy from Manchester city centre if you’ve come in by train. Jump in a taxi or a tram, we’re talking 10 mins to get to us, max! Result, eh?


We also wanted it to be close to bars and restaurants and Salford Quays is perfect for that! Picture this, you visit Mersey Games Manchester for 10.30am, then once you’ve laughed to the point of aching sides and cheeks, finish up around 12.30 and wander over to the Quays for a spot of lunch and shopping. There are loads of restaurants to choose from, you can grab a quick bite, or sit and have a 3-course meal. The options are endless!


What to Expect at Mersey Games Manchester?


We have taken the time to create 8 unique and fun inflatable games. They’re outrageously funny and you’ll have a ball playing them with your best mates! The photos you’ll catch will be brilliant blackmail leverage for future shenanigans over your crazy weekend away. We’ll also take extra photos for you for free which you will be able to access on our Facebook page!


The Games

Here’s the lowdown on what the games are about!


Haydock Jock – Manchester has its very own races! Hop on to the horsey hoppers and race around our new track to see who takes the prize! Place your bets!


Rock and Roll Star – Climb on the podium and fight like gladiators on the most wobbly, rocking and rolling surface you will have ever experienced. The aim of the game is to knock your opponent off the podium! Best of 3 fight so it’s not over all too quickly! You guys will absolutely love the Rock and Roll Star! We have it pegged as the firm favourite!


Boddingtons Bungee – This a take on the Bevvy Bungee that we have at Mersey Games in Liverpool. We’ve changed it slightly, but the premise of the game is similar. You have to fight against the pull of the bungee chord to get your glass on the tray! Get your glass on the furthest tray to win more points!


Wonder Wall – This game is one of the most epic that we have for the new games! It’s a giant game of Wipe Out! Clamber across the wall hanging on to the hand holds while your best mates try and push you off! It’s called Wonder Wall because you’ll be wondering where the next blow is coming from!


Angry Manc Birds – We’ve taken inspiration from the video game and created a custom game that you can’t play anywhere else! Fire giant balls from our special catapult and try to knock your friends off the wobbly podiums! It’s such a great laugh, you’ll have a brilliant time playing this one!


Table Football – This is a giant game of table football! You hold on to the bars and try and score as many goals as you can! It’s harder than it sounds and absolutely hilarious!


Ring the Bell – Like the old school fun fair game, climb the twisty ladder to the top and ring the bell! First one to the top without putting a foot on the floor, wins!


Corrie Street Bowling – This one has been based on the hugely popular Penny Lane Bowling in the Liverpool Mersey Games. First, we make you dizzy, then you have to try your hand at bowling! It’s pretty simple but my personal favourite!

When to plan your trip to Mersey Games Manchester?


We have taken quite some time planning our Manchester Games so that they’re perfect for you guys! We didn’t want to open sooner when things weren’t quite right. So, the first date we are open for business is February 16th, 2019. You can book now for upcoming dates throughout 2019. It’s open all year round and based indoors. At the moment, there’s a deal on where every group that books gets a free space for the stag or hen! Make sure you don’t miss out on that epic deal!


So that’s it guys! I hope you’re as excited as we are! Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!