10 Outdoor Activities in Liverpool

Liverpool has so many things to do it can make your head spin. If you are looking for outdoor activities in Liverpool maybe for the family or just something with your friends or perhaps you have a stag or hen party to take care of (by the way we specialise in groups such as hens and stags and we’d love to show you what we do), then there’s a huge list. Here’s a few things that suggest you check out but remember there are lots more, let us know your favourites!

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1. Breakout Liverpool (click to see)

Spending time in Liverpool with your family and friends? Form teams of 2 up to 5 members and experience the most remarkable real life escape room game. It’s a perfect choice for co-workers, team building events as well as puzzle enthusiasts and people who like the rush of Adrenaline.

There are numerous themes and rooms available so you can easily browse them by visiting the website before you book your adventure. You can visit this place multiple times and the experience will feel unique every single time. Each theme has an interesting backstory so you can put your mind to work.

It’s not suitable for the fainthearted or very young children who might not be interested in such a challenging experience. Nevertheless, it’s a major hit among teens and older children who will definitely appreciate the outstanding adventure.

2. National Trust Formby (click to see)

This is the perfect spot for nature lovers and families with younger children so you can spend a relaxing day while chilling the warm sun. You can enjoy the glorious beach and admire the dramatic sand dunes while appreciating the breath-taking coastal pinewoods.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a picnic with your family and friends, then you should look no further. There is also some interesting information about the early days of aviation. Moreover, it’s an excellent spot for bike lovers.

Children, in particular, will be fascinated by the red squirrels as they can be easily found between the trees. Moreover, there are some prehistoric footprints for history lovers to study and examine.

You should note that when the weather is nice, the car park will probably be full. There’s an information trailer available where you can get ideas for fun activities to enjoy with your loved ones.


3. Liverpool Cycle Tours (click to see)

Explore the city from a different perspective and move those muscles by going on a cycle tour. There’s a special 90-minutes tour that will let you explore the most famous spots of Liverpool so it’s recommended for a first-time visitor.

If you’re a fan of the Beatles, you can book the 3.5-hour tour that you’ll enjoy on electric-assisted bikes to visit the houses of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, in addition to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, and St Peter’s Church Hall where the two stars met for the very first time. This is one of the most popular and top-rated tours.

If you’re looking forward to tasting the real taste of Liverpool, you can take the Walking and Drinking Tour. On this tour, you’ll visit some of the most iconic pubs, with all drinks included. It’s a good option for first-timers or solo travellers who want to explore the nightlife of Liverpool with some trustworthy locals so they can enjoy your time in the best spots.

It’s not suitable for children but can be extremely amazing for friends and work colleagues visiting Liverpool for the first time. Just imagine having a business meeting in Liverpool in the morning and finishing it off with signature drinks with your workmates at night.

4. Sefton Park (click to see)

There’s a reason why this spot is extremely popular among the locals. The outstanding 200-acre features a boating lake, a café and several replica statues. Nature-loving children and adults can enjoy a relaxing afternoon while feeding ducks in the lake or can simply chill the sun while admiring the vibrant colours of the daffodils.

It’s best to visit this park in spring and summer to enjoy the colourful views. However, as long as the sun is shining you’re bound to enjoy a marvellous time in this park.

Visitors can also pay a visit to the restored Palm House. This glass-panelled Victorian building has been beautifully restored so it’s the perfect spot for weddings and corporate events. Inside the Palm House, there are plants from across the world in addition to an eye-catching stair. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the busy city, this might be the best spot to relax.

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5. Liverpool Stadium (click to see)

All football fans shouldn’t miss this opportunity to visit the famous Liverpool stadium. The Anfield experience is said to be mind-blowing and exceptional. Even if you’re not a true red, you will still enjoy your time while exploring the Liverpool experience with some of the world’s most famous players.

Visitors get a chance to explore the interactive museum or indulge in a delicious 3-course meal served in one of the Main Stand lounges which overlook the pitch. Moreover, you might be lucky enough to receive a visit from one of the football legends.

There are several tours and packages available. For example, on the LFC Stadium Tour, you’ll enjoy epic views of the stadium and the city of Liverpool and even practice your interviewing skills at the Press Room. It’s suitable for families because you can take the tour according to your own pace so your kids get to spend more time at the Players’ Tunnel and take photos wherever they want.

If you plan to book your tour on a matchday, you can see the spots that only the players and VIP guests can visit. Most fans also enjoy the Q & A tour where they can hear the memories and personal stories of their favourite players.

6. Zombie Survival Experience Liverpool (click to see)

Have you ever wondered how life would be after a zombie apocalypse? Now you can test your skills at fighting them when you pay a visit to this interesting spot. There’s no need to say that this isn’t the right place for very young children, but it’s an amazing destination for adventurous adults and teenagers.

Zombies’ survival experiences are available at multiple locations and there are several indoor and outdoor themes available, so you’ll never get bored. You can even book a session for a friend to surprise them if they’re spending time in Liverpool. They’ll have 10 months so they can pick the right date to go on a zombies’ adventure.

The Zombie Tower theme is a popular one as you get to fight off the scary zombies and protect the innocent from the rebels who are trying to infect them. Before you embark on your adventure, you’ll receive training, in addition to your zombies’ fighting kit with all weapons and ammo. You can also take photos with the cast after the fun is over so you can always remember this unforgettable day.

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7. Liverpool Watersports Centre (click to see)

Are you a fan of watersports? If you’re visiting or looking for some summer quality time, then this centre is not to be missed. There are several individual and group activities in addition to courses for people who are interested in learning various watersports.

Since this is a not for profit organization, all the prices are extremely affordable so they’re suitable for families, groups of friends, and company employees engaging in team-building activities.

You can get to try kayaking or canoeing for the first time with the help of trained professionals who will provide you with proper guidance. Moreover, on the hot summer days, you’ll definitely enjoy the open-water swimming. Fun Swan Pedalos are available for rent and can accommodate up to 4 people making it a fun and cheap option for families.

The Aqua Park is another fun option to explore as you can race with friends on the inflatable track while climbing different obstacles. If you’re visiting the centre with a group, you can notify them beforehand as they have special programs for youth, work colleagues, and other groups. You can even have a birthday in the water.

8. Childwall (click to see)

Childwall has a really interesting history and is close to filming for Hollyoaks and other TV shows. It is home to Liverpool’s only remaining medieval church so it’s an excellent spot for history and architecture lovers who like to drift on trips to the past.

The woodlands in Childwall are classified as an open natural reserve so if you’re a big fan of nature, you’ll definitely spend an amazing time there. Children as well as adults enjoy the spectacular trees and collect bugs or study several leaves. It’s also a nice place to relax away from the busy city, especially if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

There are currently thousands of people living in Childwall and there are several taverns and cool spots to enjoy a warm meal. For a tourist, this will be a chance to explore the English town life experience.

9. Spartacus Tag Archery (click to see)

Have you ever wanted to test your archery skills? How about shooting your friends for a few good laughs? You can do this and more at Spartacus Tag Archery.

This outdoor venue allows you to combine the perks of archery, paintball, and dodge ball in one spot. It offers a thrilling action experience for all action lovers so you can feel that you’re a medieval hero for a few hours.

If you’re looking for a cool and unique idea for your stag or hen parties, then you’ve come to the right place. Your guests will remember this day as they get to run and laugh while practising their shooting skills. Moreover, there’s a special program for children so you’ll know that they’re safe while enjoying their time to the maximum.

The venue is open for all sorts of events so you can just call them to discuss the type of event that interests you. Friends, as well as work colleagues, will enjoy it as it can be used for outstanding and unique team building activities.

You don’t have to be a professional archer. The venue guarantees that the games are inclusive for everyone regardless of their level. The more you practise, the better you’ll get.

All the arrows are foam-tipped so you can have a blast while knowing that everyone is safe. There’s a specially trained team with First Aid training to give you a hand if you ever need any help.

10. Rice Lane City Farm (click to see)

You don’t have to pay admission fees to get into Rice Lane City Farm and once you do, you and your family will enjoy an amazing time. It’s a magnet for children, especially the ones fond of animals as there are tens of well-behaved farm animals to play with.

Moreover, there are some special rare breeds that animal lovers would love to explore, including the Ryeland sheep, Red Poll cattle and African pygmy goats. When your little ones are tired, the whole family can spend some time at the Farm Café to enjoy a few delicious snacks. It’s a lovely option, especially if you have younger children and a pet because well-behaved pets are welcomed.


Visiting Liverpool is a full cultural experience and whether you are visiting here for the first time or you live here there’s lots to do and see for all ages and abilities. Here at Mersey Sports we offer a wide range of outdoor activities for groups of all sizes but when the weather is not playing ball we’ve also got a great indoor venue too.

We’d love to hear from you if you have other suggestions and of course if you want to visit us for a great time you are more than welcome too!